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SPEBlox - Tiny Single Pair Ethernet Converter

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  • Description
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  • SPEBlox is a GigaBit (1000BASE-T) to Single Pair Ethernet (1000BASE-T1) converter in a very compact (45mm x 45mm) form factor. It functions as a transparent bridge between standard gigabit ethernet networks and single pair ethernet networks, working out the box without any software configuration.

    SPEBlox can be used to upgrade a standard gigabit network into a single pair ethernet network to achieve a x 4 reduction in the cabling needed. This has large implications for compact mobile platforms.

    Currently, SPEBlox is in alpha testing and only available to select customers. If you're interested in trialing this hardware, please get in touch.

  • Input Voltage Range 5-68V 
    Power Consumption TBD
    Ports 1 x 1GBASE-T + 1 x 1GBASE-T1
    Operating Temperature 0 to +85°C
    Storage Temperature -40 to +125°C
    Dimensions 45mm x 45mm x 10.5mm
    Port connectors 1 x PicoBlade + 1 x Harting T1