BotBlox was founded in 2016 with the goal of developing very compact and affordable networking hardware for robotics, drones and industrial applications. We pride ourselves on making the smallest networking hardware in the world so we can support ever-growing and complex customer applications. We can achieve this because of the fantastic new silicon on the market, the reducing cost of hardware prototyping, and our deep expertise.

We have relationships with manufacturers in the US and China, we design and test in the UK, and we sell internationally. We continue to push new boundaries by developing affordable hardware in 2.5 GigaBit Ethernet and Single Pair Ethernet (1000BASE-T1).

A word about design longevity…

BotBlox is in this for the long game, and we at no point intend to fully discontinue products without offering a functionally equivalent replacement.

That being said, we understand the logistical risk of relying heavily on a product from a smaller, new supplier. With that in mind, if you’re looking to integrate our boards into your systems and are worried about design longevity, please get in touch so we can discuss possible risk mitigation.