BotBlox was inadvertently founded in 2016 by Josh Elijah, when he designed a tiny ethernet switch for a robotics project he was working on. He ended up making too many, so whacked them online to see if they’d sell. Turns out they did, and Josh saw the potential in small, robust and affordable hardware for robotics, drones and industrial applications.

BotBlox has since grown to supply customers worldwide from NASA to CERN, and continues to develop new hardware to fuel innovative robotics and industrial companies. Our sales have steadily grown to around 50 units per month, and we continue to grow our fulfillment capacities while also supporting firmware development for our products.

Our goals

Hardware innovation has come a long way, but the reality is that there’s still large gaps in the market. BotBlox aims to fill those gaps by creating affordable and super compact hardware to solve a variety of problems in robotics and industrial applications. We can achieve this because of the fantastic new silicon on the market, the reducing cost of hardware prototyping, and our deep expertise.

We’re a small team of polymaths, operating out of a converted 19th century grain warehouse in sunny London, UK. Get in touch if you’ve got a collaboration idea, or want to talk robots.

Our building once stored grain for 19th Century trade ships, now it houses the BotBlox team!

A word about design longevity…

BotBlox is in this for the long game, and we at no point intend to fully discontinue products without offering a functionally equivalent replacement.

That being said, we understand the logistical risk of relying heavily on a product from a smaller, new supplier. With that in mind, if you’re looking to integrate our boards into your systems and worried about design longevity, please get in touch so we can discuss possible risk mitigation.