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SPEBlox-Long - Tiny 10Mbps over 1.6km

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SPEBlox-Long is a communication device that provides 10Mbps at extremely long cable runs up to 1,600m (1.6km) over simple twisted pair copper cable.

This technology is based around the 10BASE-T1L specification, and this board aims to provide a cheaper and simpler way of achieving reasonably low bandwidth communication over very long cable runs.

SPEBlox-Long is 31mm x 31mm and provides a standard 10BASE-T ethernet connection on Picoblade header (much like our other products). The 10BASE-T1L (single pair ethernet) connection is placed onto a screw terminal for full flexibility of cable types. The board is powered by any voltage from 5-45V. 

SPEBlox-Long is perfect for the following applications:

  • Tethers for under water robots
  • Factory communication infrastructure
  • Any application requiring a simple, low cost, robust connection between physically disparate devices 

No configuration is required on SPEBlox-Long, however an STM32 microcontroller is embedded onboard for communication management options.

This product is currently in manufacture and the first prototypes will be released for pre-order once the design is verified.