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GigaStax - Rugged Modular PoE GigaBit Switch

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A Totally Modular GigaBit Ethernet with PoE

GigaStax is a compact modular, stackable four-port rugged switch with four 10/100/1G PHY ethernet ports and one 1G MAC RGMII port.

Together with our range of new stackable Stax daughterboards, GigaStax can be used to implement:

  • A four-port GigaBit switch on PicoBlade connectors (Transformerless and transformer-based).
  • A four-port PoE (PoE/PoE+/PoE++) GigaBit Switch on RJ-45 connectors providing up to 90W per port.
  • A four-port GigaBit switch with SPI management and an RGMII MAC uplink.
  • Any combination of the above by integration into your own custom daughterboard!

Full Configurability

We see our customers looking for more reconfigurability on the ports available while also having management features such as IGMP, all while retaining a rugged small form factor. To achieve this means rethinking the traditional single-board switch design; to hit space requirements requires more modularity. 

Our new range of boards aims to give the customer much more flexibility in designing their switching hardware, while also supporting them to develop their own daughterboards.

Four 90W PoE Ports

You asked and we are delivering. Our first Stax daughterboard (StaxPoE) will be a four-port PoE injector board, compatible with all current standards up to PoE++ with up to 90W of output power per port. This means you can build a simpler, more compact system.

Compatibility with GigaBlox Nano

GigaBlox Nano (the precursor to this design) is essentially a simpler, non PoE, unmanaged version of the new GigaStax system. As such, we've designed the hardware for both boards to be interchangable. In other words, you can use GigaStax boards with the PicoConn and RJConn boards, to achieve a compact managed GigaBit ethernet switch. You can also use GigaBlox Nano with StaxPoE to achieve an unmanaged GigaBit PoE switch!

Release date

This series of board is currently still in development and will be released in January 2021. 


We love questions and feedback, please get in touch with our founder, Josh, by emailing us at info@botblox.