GigaBlox Rugged -40°C to +105°C GigaBit Switch



Tiny GigaBit Ethernet Switch, with operation from -40°C to +105°C.

– 50mm x 50mm board
– 5-60V voltage input, transient and reverse polarity protected.
– 4 GigaBit Ethernet Ports using molex Pico-Clasp positive locking connectors.
– LED signal can be taken off board via onboard connector.
– Stackable SGMII header to allow switch management and extensions. Also allows two boards to be mated to create an 8 port switch.
– Microchip VSC7511 chipset, supports unmanaged and managed mode including VLANs, EEE and IEEE 1588-2008 PTP.
– Uses Microchip’s Ocelot software for management functions.

First 10 units available in late March 2021.

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