GigaBlox Nano – 1 Inch GigaBit Ethernet Switch


Gigabit Ethernet, 1 inch.

  • Shipping around early June.
  • Gigabit ethernet switch in a 1 inch square.
  • Wide, protected input voltage range from 5 to 60V (65V max).
  • 4 port gigabit ethernet network switch works out the box.
  • Auto MDI-X crossover.
  • Stackable daughter boards for connector flexibility.
  • Operating temperature range = 0-85°C
  • Storage temperature range = -40-125°C
  • Power consumption = 300mW
  • Volume discounts avaiable. Please get in touch
  • STEP file here

97 in stock (can be backordered)

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With 4 Gigabit ethernet ports in a modular 25mm x 25mm form factor, GigaBlox Nano is the world’s most compact solution for Gigabit ethernet.

GigaBlox Nano itself uses transformerless ethernet technology to reduce space. Transformerless ethernet replaces traditional transformers with capacitors to provide electrical isolation and works well in applications with a common ground and shorter cable runs (less than 2 meters), which is typically the case in robots and drones. We designed GigaBlox Nano specifically for use in smaller mobile devices where networking is required in very tight spaces.

The 4 ports on GigaBlox Nano are placed onto a modular Samtec Razor Beam™ (MPN: LSHM-120-02.5-L-DV-A-S-K-TR). A daughter board with connectors is then stacked onto GigaBlox Nano to provide accessibility to the ports and power for the board.

We have developed two daughter boards, Pico-Conn and RJ-Conn.


Pico-Conn is a simple breakout board for GigaBlox Nano that puts the 4 ports and power onto Molex Pico-Blade connectors.

This solution leverages transformerless ethernet technology to achieve the smallest possible size for GigaBit Ethernet, while using the same cables as our GigaBlox product.


RJ-Conn puts the 4 GigaBit ports onto traditional RJ-45 jacks allowing use in a system with traditional RJ-45 cables.

This solution integrates magnetics into the RJ-45 jacks, meaning that true transformer-based GigaBit ethernet can be achieved with this solution.

Custom integration

The beauty of the stackable header is that it also allows customers to directly integrate GigaBlox Nano with their own daughter boards for ultimate flexibility in application. Our Pico-Conn and RJ-Conn boards are made fully open-source to assist with integration, the link is below.

GigaBlox Nano DaughterBoard Design Files


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