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SwitchBlox LED function

Copied from a customer email

Not sure if this is written somewhere in docs, but just wondering on the Switchblox: when powered up, the connected ports have the green LEDs alight. Some are solid, some blink rapidly. Is rapid blinking indicating data transmission etc, or intermittent connection?

When powered up, the all port LEDs will blink once to show that the board ports are working.

After that the LEDs indicate link activity in the same way as the link LED on a standard RJ-45 connector. That means that:

1) LEDs are off: Nothing is connected.
2) LEDs blink intermittently: Indicates something is connected but only sporadically sending data. Typically this happens when a device is initially connected and auto-negotiation is being done on the link.
3) LEDs blink regularly: Indicates regular repeating data transmission.
4) LED is solidly on: This indicates either constant traffic, or can indicate a that there's a loop in the network causing a broadcast storm.