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Pinout of 4 pin SwitchBlox to SwitchBlox Coupler cable?

I received cables with my SwitchBlox units that had GYOR on one side, but GYRO color order on the other side. Is this correct? Shouldn't it be the same on both sides?

Whoops, I accidentally deleted the image, it's back up now.

Hi Chrisvo,

Is that cable a molex to RJ45 cable, or a molex to molex cable?

Some of our older cables have a different order to our newer cables, but the hardware automatically corrects any polarity issue, so it shouldn't cause any issue.



That's a Molex to Molex cable.

It appears that TX+ and TX- were reversed on them.

Good to know that the the hardware corrects the polarity. Thanks!

Thanks for the follow up.

Yes some of the Molex to Molex coupler cables have that issue, it shouldn't affect performance in any way. If you do notice anything, please let me know and we can ship you a replacement cable.

Thank you!