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Iperf3 test using USB to Ethernet converters with 2 wire ethernet

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my experiences on here with some tests I have been carrying out.

I have recently been testing  some ethernet over 2 wire converters using iperf3.

I used two laps tops. one for the client and one for the server. The laptops did not have an RJ45 so I used ethernet to usb converters on both laptops.

Prior to integrating anything else into the system i run an iperf test using a standard cat5e cable connected with the Ethernet to usb converters and got an average result on iperf of 920Mbps.

I then connected the 2wire converters into the system. The results were very sporadic. I though it was maybe a faulty unit or setting, but after much testing i found that if the server computer was left alone during the test, the bandwidth data would jump from say 600Mbps to 180Mbps and anything in between.

If i continuously used the server computer, like opening files, typing, playing a youtube video, the bandwidth results were alot more stable.

I then used a desk top pc as the server that had an RJ45 connector. The test would now be, laptop as the Client using a  ethernet to usb adaptor. two wire converter and the desktop (server) had the ethernet cable plugged straight in.

This time I had no bandwidth issues and a steady 600Mbps consistently.

The last thing I did was use the -w1m command. When i use this command I get a steady 920Mbps through the two wire converter.

While the ethernet to usb converters seem to work well in most circumstances, it appears to dont like to be used (as a pair) when 2 wire converters are used at the same time.

Just putting this out there to save a lot of headaches like I had and also would like to know if anyone has seen this before.

Both Josh and Aaron have been extremely helpful


All the best




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